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  • Retirement Message Stand - code 177-009

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  • Retirement Special Big size Rose Garland

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  • Retirement Message Stand -176-code010

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Party Times

$ 67.99 $71.39-5% Includes 13 Bonus Points
Mr. Buttler Soda Maker + Borocil Glassware set of 6 Nos.+ Special greeting card

Mr. Buttler Soda Maker + Borocil Glassware set of 6 Nos.+ Special greeting card

Mr. Buttler Soda Maker + Borocil Glassware set of 6 Nos.+  Special greeting card

Mr.Buttler Soda Maker details:


  • Sleek
  • Portable
  • requires no electricity
  • simple and safe to use

Pet Bottle

The one litre PET Bottle is different from the usual throw-away Pet Bottle in the market. Designed for repeated carbonation, these Bottles have screw-on caps that enable you to store sodas or aerated drinks for later use, with no gas loss. You can buy as many numbers of PET Bottles as you need on extra payment.

Refill Cylinder


Our Refill Cylinders made from special steel contains carbon dioxide gas enough to carbonate 175 glasses of water. When the gas finishes, the empty Cylinder can be exchanged for a filled one for just the cost of gas. Make sure to look out for the Mr.Butler's logo and hologram on the wrapper.Always remember to use only Mr.Butler's Refill Cylinders and get the refilling done only by us or our authorized Refillers.

See for yourself why this is important.

Valves and Cylinders are checked elaborately each time they come to our factory for refilling.Since Valves are manufactured by us, valve spares for repairs or new valves for replacement are available only with us.Refill Cylinders need periodic coating to prevent rusting. Unauthorized Refillers do not have the facility for paint stripping, surface treatment & powder coating.





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