How to Order / Group of sites makes it possible for you to send gifts to your dear ones residing in India. Through this service, you can order from the wide & exclusive range and choicest gift items shown on the site while making the payment online. The gift will be delivered at a specified time (approximate) and address given by you, according to your specifications.

Step 1 : Logging in

  • If you are first time user, then register yourself with the site by clicking New User at the Home page, This registration is absolutely Free. From the next time, you can logon just by giving login name and password and avail the benefits of being a member.
  • If you are a regular user (Already registered once), then logon by entering User Id and password at the Home Page and click on the Login Button.
  • You can also do shopping without registration. Just select the category and pick the item and continue shopping. At the final order form, you will be prompted to enter your Name and Email Id which is compulsory to get in touch with you.

Step 2: Searching the Item you wish

  • From the entire range of Sweets, Fruits, Cakes, Greetings, Gift Articles, Flowers, select the items that you want to order
  • Best way is to select from the menu provided at the left side of site. When clicked on Category, sub-categories are displayed and you can select desired Sub-category. All items of that sub-category will be shown. Another way is to click on the Category at the top of the Home page and then select an sub-category / item in that particular category. (You can also click on Flowers or Sweets displayed across the page to go into that particular category)
  • Another way is to use the search facility provided at the top right of the page where you can search gifts for a particular category, particular price. Word Search is also possible by typing the required word in Word Search.

Step 3 Adding Items to the Shopping Cart

  • Once you are with the item to order, then against the item enter the Quantity and click on the Add to cart to add the item to your Shopping Cart.
  • Click on View Cart to get the list of the Items selected by you. In the View Cart Page you will also be given the Rates of the Items and the total amount you to be paid by you.
  • To remove any items in the card, select the items you wish to delete and then click on Remove Selected.
  • You can change the quantity of the items in the View Cart page also by changing the Quantity Column and clicking on Update button.
  • From the View Cart page you can either Continue Shopping or Finish Shopping.

Step 4 Confirming the Order

  • After you have selected the items, click on Finish Shopping in the View Cart Page
  • You will be displayed a Page where you will have to furnish the Shipping Address (Recipient's Address) Details
  • Against Nick Name, the list of addresses from your Friends List will be displayed. You can select from that list. This is available for the registered members only.
  • If you have not logged in as a member, with the details given by you, you will be prompted to enter your name and Email Id. These details are compulsory to get in touch with you and to inform you the delivery details or the order status
  • After you enter all the details, you will be displayed final order form with the
    • Items ordered by you
    • Rates of the Items ordered
    • Shipping Cost
    • Total amount to be paid by you
    • Recipient's Address Details
  • Click on Confirm Order to confirm the Order or Cancel the Order if you wish to defer the decision.

Step 4 Payment

  • At the Final Order form page, after you click Confirm Order you will prompted for
    • Credit Card Number
    • Expiry Date
  • Click on Execute this Payment after giving the above details
  • After the execution of Payment, message Your credit card payment for an amount of xxx.xx $ has been duly recorded. will be displayed. Here click on Back to the Site
  • A reference number will be given for your Order, with which you can later enquire the Order Status, Delivery Details etc.
  • Other Instructions : If you are placing order more than 50$, you need to place orders as Members only, as we would be requiring your Complete Address & Phone Nos. If the order value is more than 100$, we would be asking for additional information, if required.