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  • Animated Magic Alphabets
    $8.99 $10.79

    Item Code: p08067

    Animated Magic Alphabets CD is a good platform for your kids future? A good start makes easy to get success. Instead of forcing them to read and learn, we have to create enthusiasm and zeal towards learning. How to do that? Hear is Mr.Tonchu who can create characters with his magic stick for your kids. Animated Magic Alphabets introduce all the alphabets through animated characters with interlaying messages, in interactive mode as well as sequential mode.
  • The Complete Interior Designing - CD
    $8.99 $10.79

    Item Code: p08068

    The Complete Interior Designing CD helps you to design your living space to gain more from it? How much do you know about light, colour, sound, furnishings etc? Do you know what it takes to be an interior designer? What is Landscaping, Vaastu, Feng-shui? How to design sets for various events, exhibitions and window displays. Topics covered :
  • The Ultimate Guide to Stress Management - CD
    $8.99 $10.79

    Item Code: p08072

    The Ultimate Guide to Stress Management CD helps you to learn simple ways to minimize stress. Lately, have you been in low spirits? Are your nerves bothering you regularly? Are you not in firm control of your behavior, thoughts, emotions & feelings ? Do you get easily irritated ? The most likely cause could be stress. Modules :Recognizing Stress Causes Conditions and Sources Symptoms Signs & Stages and Stress at various stages of life
  • 21 Steps to Personality Development - CD
    $8.99 $10.79

    Item Code: p08075

    21 Steps to Personality Development CD to know how to control your emotions? How to win over others? How to earn more? What is the secret to achieve happiness ? This Personality Development CD has all the answers and more. This brilliant interactive guide opens up new ways and adds new dimensions to your personality. Topics covered : Study Phase Interim Phase Working Phase
  • Career in Fashion Designing CD
    $8.99 $10.79

    Item Code: p08076

    Career in Fashion Designing CD is to pursue a career in fashion designing. So, do you have a plan to put it on track? Fashion Designers give new shapes to garments, footwear, jewellery luggage and much more, to make strong personality statements. Other closely associated careers related to fashion industry and more. Career in Fashion Designing CD is a great starting point and a must for those who wish to pursue a career in Fashion Design or already have a career in it.
  • The Ultimate HealthCare - CD
    $8.99 $10.79

    Item Code: p08078

    The Ultimate HealthCare CD has all you want to know about. How to prevent allergies? How to prevent heart attack? How to manage chronic pain? What are the illnesses and conditions associated with old age and how to manage them ? What is a good diet plan? What exercise regimen suits you ? Have you immunized your child against? and more...
  • The General Knowledge Explorer - CD
    $8.99 $10.79

    Item Code: p08079

    The General Knowledge Explorer CD is an innovative approach to general knowledge makes it easy to understand. Let your children explore and discover knowledge at every move they make. Let them climb the ladder of success or be downed by the snakes. Its fun and knowledge all the way.
  • The Crorepati - CD
    $8.99 $10.79

    Item Code: p08087

    The Crorepati CD is an interactive quiz CD that simulates the real quiz shows with elements like help lines, audio etc., It is packed with around 8000 questions on wide variety of topics like.