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  • Silver Anklets - (code - 01)
    $62.99 $66.14

    Item Code: p027364

    Beauitful design, slim look with hanging Muvallu. wt of silver : 50gms (Approx.)
  • Silver Anklets - (code - 02)
    $51.99 $57.19

    Item Code: p027365

    Beautiful pair of Anklets with slim chain arranged in a curving shape gives a beautiful look to your feet when wore. wt of silver : 40gms (Approx.)
  • A Pair of Silver Anklets wt 45gms (Approx)
    $60.99 $67.09

    Item Code: p030269

    Pair of 45gms ( app ) silver Anklets with 2 little silver hearts dangling from each anklets. Each ankletis 9 inches long.
  • A Pair of Silver Anklets - wt 40gms (approx)
    $50.99 $56.09

    Item Code: p058993

    A Pair of silver adults anklets. Each anklet is made of two silver chains, attached at regular intervals by little silver and colored mina-work spheres. Length of each payal is around 10.5 inches, weight is 40 gms ( Approx ).
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